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"Living The Good Life Provided By Punk"

People change with the years, it kind of makes you questions if you will still be friends with them or not, i had this best buddy when i lived in Canada(Leigh Harrison)..I was in third grade at the time and i wonder if i were to see him now, would we still talk? Or would we just have nothing in common to relate to? What about my neighbor of when i was in Colombia?I want to go back there, seeing family is a good thing, especially after a while of not seeing them...
"Staring up at the sky
Pink colors as sun says bye
wish you could go too
Visit someplace new
Would it change how you feel about here?
Or would it make you drop down with tears?
Chin kept up as you are alone
Wish you had a heart of stone"

"So sick,so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick"
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